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Andy Harper

Narrow Channel of Consciousness

Oil on canvas

45 × 36 cm

Signed and dated verso

Estimate: £3,000–£4,000

Andy Harper (b. 1971, UK) is an artist based in West Cornwall. He has exhibited internationally and is currently a Senior Lecturer on the MFA Fine programme at Goldsmiths in London. Describing this work, Harper states,

“A membrane of transparent paint is spread across the slippery surface of the support. Brushes and various implements are pushed into this surface to create an evolving collection of marks that conjure up a parallel botanical world. My hand moves quickly across the surface, driven by intuition and muscle memory. The painting is witness to a thousand rapid decisions. Evidenced by every twist, jerk, stroke, rhythm, division and line drawn into the wet paint. Before long the resinous film begins to stiffen and gel. Once dry, the painting is a record, not of the visual world, but of thought.”